Designing Change

Have you heard this in your organization?

users hate change.

Usually it’s right before a major release, prepping for the coming storm,  or right after a release when the customer service is screaming about all the screaming they are hearing.  Or perhaps you are struggling to move customers off an old solution to a new one you’ve come up with, but adoption just won’t happen. Users can’t hate change. If users hated change, Google would have failed, and we’d be happy with Altavista. Facebook would have failed, because Friendster was enough. Paypal would have failed, because, you know, credit cards.

There is a right way and a wrong way to introduce change to your userbase, and sadly the bully-tactics of facebook and Apple have become the norm. But if you are a small company, you can’t afford to impose change sloppily on your userbase.  You need to get it right.  In this workshop we will cover

  • The psychology of change, and why users resist it
  • Change strategies: band-aid removal systems.
  • Messaging change to emphasize value
  • Onboarding users to a changed experience
  • The power of progress to internalize value.
  • Design for change

This workshop will be highly interactive, with exercises and discussions so we can focus on your goals and needs as you introduce new products and revamp the old.

Intended Audience

Designers & Product Managers seeking to launch redesigns, new features, or  new products into existing markets.