Working with Story

Using Storytelling to Create Empathy and Communicate Value

Half Day Workshop. Can be full day, or talk.  

Are you making arguments with cold hard facts and failing? Have you heard that story is a powerful way to win friends and influence people, but don’t know where to start? Do you love story, but don’t understand how it has anything to do with your work?

Stories fuel our lives. They hold the power to transform listeners; to take listeners on a journey that changes how they think, feel or act. This interactive session covers the variety of roles story can play in the design process, from building empathy to users, sequencing product roadmaps, and bring a vision to stakeholders.

We will cover

  • How story affects the brain, making it a powerful tool to create engagement.
  • Decoding the architecture of effective stories, used by best selling fiction and tv writers, so you can use it to more effective at work.
  • Applying story to communication, so your arguments are more persuasive.
  • Applying story to your work, to both create empathy and design more meaningful experiences.

We’ll also create our own stories and share them. Come prepared with pen, paper and a playful attitude.

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