OKR Resources

Rolling out (and running!) OKRs at work is harder than it looks.

Christina Wodtke is best known for OKRs, and for her groundbreaking, easy-to-read book on OKRs, Radical Focus. She’s spent her career helping people radically accelerate their results at work, especially in teams, through focus, measuring specific progress, and embracing a cadence of learning.

Christina gets messages from readers every week explaining how much the book has helped. But every week, she gets also gets questions about how to implement OKRs in practice in some way. (It’s harder than it sounds.)

OKRs are a skill, and Christina has spent the last several years coaching clients and teaching that skill one-on-one. She’s ended up developing a whole host of supplementary exercises, worksheets, and trainings to help people take OKRs from theoretical knowledge to hands-on success.

Now she’s decided to bring this hands-on help to a wider audience. She’ll be creating OKRs resources, training, courses, and possibly (very short) books for teams and individuals on specific parts of the OKRs process.

For example:

  • How do you facilitate a conversation to choose only one OKR for a quarter?
  • How do you grade OKRs consistently over time for a team?
  • Extra help learning how to set a good Objective and Key Results set, and how to tell whether the choice is too broad, too narrow, or just right.
  • .. and more!

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