The long-awaited Practical OKRs video course

Registration is open for the Beta Cohort of my new three-week Practical OKRs course, target start date March 11. 

Be part of shaping the most practical, actionable hands-on course on OKRs today.

Regular Pricing: $850

Beta Pricing: $375 <– That’s over 65% off!

What you’ll learn…

  • the key elements of actually-effective OKRs
  • how to get to one OKR from many
  • the exact rhythm you need to adopt to execute your goals successfully
  • how to recover if your first goal goes down in flames
  • why you should never cascade OKRs, and what to do instead
  • tips to learn as a leader, as a team, and as a company to create outcomes that matter

What you’ll get…

  •  7 course units including videos, written materials, and discussions
  •  3 one-hour live Zoom Q&A sessions with me
  •  a step by step OKR creation worksheet <- only available in my course

Plus beta cohort exclusives…

  •  written answers to select student questions by me personally (as opposed to my TA, who will manage ALL questions in future cohorts)
  •  an informal Beverage & Conversation time with me at the end of the course to discuss how we can improve the course for future

Sign up for the exclusive beta, a chance to ask me questions, and a voice in shaping the course.