Podcasts of Late

Hello folks,

I keep forgetting to mention podcasts I’ve been on lately! check it out:

First, a conversation with Sohrab Salimi of Agile Insights

Sohrab refers to an earlier Podcast, which I’ve included if you missed it (because I forgot to post these things! eek, bad christina.)

Next, ProdPad digging into what’s gone wrong with OKRs

Key Takeaways

  • OKR processes in dysfunctional organizations
  • Why OKRs may not be working for you
  • How to build high-performing teams
  • How to achieve radical focus
  • And so much more!

Then we have Brave UX and we explore the softer side of goals…

Brandon says “Christina Wodtke reminds us to stop carrying the weight of the 🌍, to start giving others the benefit of the doubt 👍 & to make the most of the gift that is feedback 🎁.


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