Past Appearances

Past Appearances

  • Idea to Value – Creativity and Innovation with Nick Skillicorn

    Idea to Value – Creativity and Innovation with Nick Skillicorn

    “In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Christina Wodtke, author and lecturer at Stanford. Her resume includes re-design and initial product offerings with LinkedIn, MySpace, Zynga, Yahoo! and others, as well as founding three startups. See the full episode at #OKR #focus #productivity #creativity We speak about the value of Radical+…

  • The Product Podcast, by Product School

    The Product Podcast, by Product School

    “Christina Wodtke is a professor, speaker, and author of “Radical Focus” and “The Team That Managed Itself”. In this episode, she walks us through her product career, the power of communication, how to empower teams through continuous feedback and setting effective OKRs.Get the FREE Product Book and check out our curated list of free Product+…

  • CFO Bookshelf

    CFO Bookshelf

    “My favorite book about OKRs is Radical Focus by Christina Wodtke. Christina recently updated her book with a second edition which is the topic in this episode. We also talk about her dream job at Stanford University, why OKRs are not for every business, why some CEOs go wrong with OKRs, and why having a healthy+…

  • Product Mastery Now

    Product Mastery Now

    “Product improvements and product innovation too frequently suffer from accomplishing less than we want. The urgent is often in the way of the important. If you want to get the important work done more of the time, you’ll find OKRs (objectives and key results) helpful. Also, if you’ve tried OKRs and didn’t like them, this+…

  • One Knight in Product

    One Knight in Product

    “An interview with Christina Wodtke. Christina is the award-winning author of a variety of seminal books, including “The Team That Managed Itself” and “Radical Focus.” Christina is passionate about creating empowered, high-performing organisations and helping them to focus on their most important strategic goals using OKRs (Objectives & Key Results). We talk about a lot,+…