Chapter Two with Christina Wodtke, Author of Radical Focus

How do you inspire a diverse team to work together, going all out in pursuit of a single, challenging goal? How do you get your team to commit to bold goals? How do you stay motivated despite setbacks and disappointments? And what do you do when it looks like you’re headed for failure?

The second edition of Radical Focus answers all of these questions!

In this new Chapter Two session, we will be joined by the author, Christina Wodtke.

Christina has helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, Zynga, the New York Times and numerous startups throughout Silicon Valley. She’s the author of the business fable book Radical Focus, which uses the power of story to build a new approach to OKRs, The Team that Managed Itself on creating high-performing empowered teams, and Pencil Me In, on using drawing to make better businesses and products.

Chapter Two is a conversation with leading authors about their new books under three constraints;

  • author shares the BIG idea central to the book
  • author picks one chapter to do a deep-dive on
  • 25 minutes max
(hosted by Barry O’Reilly)

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