Product Thinking with Melissa Perri

“In this week’s episode, Melissa Perri and Christina Wodtke, author of Radical Focus, get into all things OKRs. Christina shares how she discovered the power of OKRs, why she sees OKRs as a “vitamin, not a medicine,” why OKRs aren’t synonymous with product strategy, what it looks like to apply key results in the wrong way, how to use OKRs to create “super employees,” and so much more.

Here are some key points Christina and Melissa talk about:

Christina talks about her professional background and what led her to write the first and second editions of her book, Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results.

Christina believes that OKRs are ideally set and implemented at a team level, but they not a safety net that provides your team with product strategy.

Christina highlights the differences between an OKR, product strategy, and business strategy and how they work together in the business ecosystem.

An excellent product strategy and good annual OKRs can help execute an ambitious five-year plan.

Christina and Melissa explore the really difficult question, “When do we stop?” and talk about how checking back in with your OKRs quarter after quarter can help answer it.

Resources: Christina Wodtke on LinkedIn | Twitter”


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