The Executioner’s Tale – Ideas are Cheap. Execution is Everything.

(Translated from original Spanish)

Presentation by Christina Wodtke at Interaction South America 2014, November 21, 2014, Buenos Aires.…

Information of the talk:

“Ideas are cheap. Execution is everything.”

Christina has spent her career tackling impossible tasks: at Yahoo, taking on search giant Google; on Linkedin, getting people to participate every day on a resume site; on MySpace, reinventing the profile; at Zynga, building a social network for gaming. Some were successful, others were not. They all had one thing in common: large groups of people working towards a single goal.

Lean can tell you what to build and Agile tells you how to build it – neither tells you how to build it as a team. How is consensus built? How do you inspire extravagant dreams? How is responsibility created in teams? Christina will share her toolkit for greater clarity and engagement.

She’s been refining this process with start-ups, advisers, and investers and now she’s ready to share. You know about mission statements, but what about OKRs? Predictive roadmaps? Come to this talk, and learn how to lead your team.

About the speaker:

Christina Wodtke is dedicated to advising, teaching, and consulting with the sole goal of bringing great products to the world. In that vein, she is working on her new book, The Executioner’s Tale (working title) about using OKRS (Objectives and Key Results) and maintaining a rhythm of engagement and celebration, to build higher-performing teams.

Previously, she led the creation of a social networking and gaming platform as General Manager of at Zynga, General Manager of Social at Myspace, Product Director at Linkedin and Sr. Design Director at Yahoo.

She also enjoys founding things: she started a startup where she developed the collaborative publishing tool PublicSquare, founded the online design magazine Boxes and Arrows, and is co-founder of the Institute for Information Architecture.

She also wrote the best-selling information Architecture: Blueprints for the Web and has spoken at conferences around the world about the human experience in information spaces. She writes at and

Hosted by ISA BA 2014

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