An OKR Worksheet

The first time you set OKRs can be a struggle, and many folks make mistakes.

To make setting OKRs the first time easier for companies I help, I’ve written this lightweight worksheet.

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After you subscribe, you’ll see this confirmation. This is where you download the worksheet! Sometimes people miss it. Please leave questions about any of this in the comments! I’d love to know if this helps! Also, check out my new book on using OKRs effectively: Radical Focus Second Edition!


2 Responses to “An OKR Worksheet

  • Christina – just found you blog and am really enjoying it. I’ve been using a modified version of OKR’s that I built after reading ‘The One Minute Manager’. I’m going to iterate my process and test drive the OKR method…interested to see how it goes. Thanks for the helpful post!

  • On the one hand, I love it when people drop in and introduce me to concepts I hadn’t previously considered. Also, there are a lot of people out there who benefit from charts and visualizations; at the very least, they offer a lantern that shines down the path that the conversation is taking, making it easier to keep things focussed.

    On the other hand, I’m called upon to recall that piece of advice one hears so often: to work recursively through the prerequisites and tasks that contribute to your ultimate goal until you’ve got some achievable goals and action items.

    I’m laboring under the impression that that’s exactly what an OKR helps to delineate, with the added bonus (among many) that with a bit of extra work, it’s easier to recall the conversations that tell us where we can (and perhaps should) pivot.


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